According to The Beer Exchange, “A bottle share is a gathering of individuals where each person brings beer to open and SHARE with other attendees. These events can be spontaneous or planned weeks in advance. They range in size from a few close friends to large gatherings of people.”

Traditionally a bottle share has mainly existed in the craft beer world, but seeing as we’re all in this together, our ultimate goal is to include our friends in all areas of the craft beverage industry.

Here’s how it works, throughout the year we will participate in various collaborations within our industries. Each completed project would be the next chronological “volume”, i.e. Bottle Share Vol. 1, Bottle Share Vol. 2, and so on. Upon completion of each volume, the finished product would then be bottled, canned, and/or kegged, distributed or simply sold on premise. Funds are generated through the sale of these collaboration beers, events, and donations, thus allowing us to financially assist those who are in desperate need within our communities.