Your donation will not only provide for families who are suffering traumatic times in their lives, but it also provides us with a platform to speak on the dangers of DUI's and drunk driving related accidents to a much broader audience. As a drunk driving accident victim and survivor myself, I possess a unique opportunity to connect with those on both sides of the issue.

How many lives can we touch and save when we all come together?

Our ultimate goal is to leave such a profound impact on every person or family that we uplift, they will want to turn around and do the same thing for someone else.

When you can not only inspire someone, but inspire them to go out and inspire someone else, that's when the good stuff really starts to happen. 


Through a strict vetting process, your donation allows us to connect and care for those who really need it. An injured breadwinner can't feed his/her children, a widow needs time to mourn in peace, and a drunk driving accident can change a life forever. Let us come together to provide the much needed assistance for those less fortunate than I was in their time of need.

From the absolute bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and generous contribution.